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Happily Ever After

I’m not happy unless my clients are happy. I work day and night to guarantee their satisfaction, and making sure their vision for the event is realized in the final result. I’ve been receiving kind reviews and feedback for many years now, and am pleased to share with you the wonderful things that’ve been said about Knots & Belles.

"She goes above and beyond to make something absolutely perfect."

I can't begin say enough about Diana! She was definitely a vendor I never knew I needed, until she came to save me! She seriously saved me from so much stress before and the day of the wedding! She goes above and beyond to make something absolutely perfect. Her pricing is budget friendly, but she honestly deserves so much more for everything she actually did for us! SHE DOES MILLION DOLLAR WORK!! She's definitely amazing and passionate about making every bride's day so perfect! I'm recommending her to every bride-to-be.

- Michelle & Isaac

Married 3.29.2018

"The only thing I would of liked more working with Diana is finding her sooner."

The only thing I would of liked more working with Diana is finding her sooner. She was such an asset to making sure my wedding was the best! She was available whenever I needed her and worked around my schedule. The day of our wedding, I forgot a few items-like enough table cloths and a wine opener! She was able to handle both and let me enjoy the night. I would use her for any other events in the future!

- Jennifer & Wade

Married 2.6.2018

"At the wedding itself, everything went so smoothly that afterwards I gave her the biggest hug and told her that I don't know what went on behind the scenes, but everything was completely perfect and she saved our wedding!"

My fiancé and I had actually hired someone else initially, but were extremely unhappy with her. Long story short, she did not take any initiative, I had to constantly be on top of her, she was rude to our vendors (along with rude to me), and she didn't follow through with what she promised us. Needless to say, I eventually had enough. My fiancé and I decided to fire her two weeks before our wedding. I know that sounds crazy, but she wasn't doing anything anyways and she was driving me (and eventually my fiancé crazy). Before we fired her, though, we wanted to find someone new. In comes Diana to the rescue!

My fiancé found Diana on Facebook Marketplace and he reached out to her early that morning, two weeks before our wedding, and she responded right away. We were desperate to find some asap, so we asked if she could meet that same day and she said absolutely. We met her that afternoon and gave her the rundown and she could not believe what we had gone through with the other girl and said she could definitely help us. She immediately started asking questions about what we were looking for and started jumping into helping us right away starting at that lunch with us! We got a really good vibe from her and she was so friendly and seemed to really know what she was talking about, so we hired her right away. I could not tell you how impressed I was with her right from the start. She knew how much the other girl did not take charge and how much I wanted communication from her and she would reach out to me every day, which was perfect! We also didn't have a lot of time on our hands, so I needed to make sure the ball was rolling. She reached out to all our vendors as soon as I gave her all their contact information and she quickly put me at ease. Everything seemed to finally be on track. She was even super helpful suggesting different decorations to me to help set the scene for the theme we were going for (we had a Christmas themed wedding) and it came out so beautiful! More than I would've ever planned myself!

At the wedding itself, everything went so smoothly that afterwards I gave her the biggest hug and told her that I don't know what went on behind the scenes, but everything was completely perfect and she saved our wedding! She helped keep everything on track, even the timing with us going to every table to say hi and take pictures! This was very important to us along with getting the dancing going at a certain time and she was right on top of it! She went to table after table prepping them for us to come over, so they would be ready to say hi and pose for a picture and we hit every table no problem! I don't know what we would've done without her. I only wish we would've found her sooner!

So would I recommend her to you? Absolutely!! Book her right away before someone else does!!

I hope this helps and good luck and have fun with your wedding planning!

- Kelly & Bryan

Married 12.9.2017

"She dedicated so much time to us and I never felt rushed, or ignored."


Let me start off with saying that I have the deepest gratitude and trust in Diana.
I planned the majority of my wedding, but as the day approached, I felt more apprehensive about executing my 400+ guests (who don't RSVP) AND cultural fusion of a wedding. I recall my friend telling me that I should consider contacting a day of coordinator because it would be the most valuable decision I could make for a smooth, stress-free wedding after spending over a year planning. The timing could not have been more perfect when I came across Diana's wedding planning services.

I contacted her in early September (a month away from the wedding date) and she was extremely responsive and incredibly reassuring. We had our first meeting, she asked about my vision and asked all the right questions. It was like I was having lunch with a friend. She was professional, honest, extremely reassuring, and made me feel comfortable. From that first initial meeting, I could tell that wedding planing is her passion and she was just as excited, if not more than I was, about my big day. Diana is extremely genuine and positive. She went through a checklist with me and identified some things that I had overlooked. I'm so happy I decided to have Diana as my wedding coordinator. From that day on, I was able to contact her with questions, and advice on last minute details. She dedicated so much time to us and I never felt rushed, or ignored. I explained to Diana that some of the things that I was stressed over was that I was having a large wedding and that there were many cultural nuances on my groom's side that I was not familiar with, to include several outfit changes and cultural greetings, etc. She so graciously told me not to worry. She researched wedding customs, wardrobe, etc. The next time we met, it was as if she had been to a traditional Cambodian wedding. She quickly drafted a day-of timeline with all pertinent details and I was able to get both families on board - something that I know I couldn't have done on my own and it made the difference for a stress-free day. Another huge stressor for me was the set-up of the venue since our venue was 40 miles from our ceremony and we were pressed for time. She picked up all the wedding decorations, lines, etc. and when I got to the venue, everything had been set up and everything looked beautiful!



Prior to the ceremony, Diana recommended I do a first look with my dad. And boy was I glad I did. The pictures I have are so emotional and that is one memory my dad and I will forever have with us to remember that special day.

The morning of the ceremony, she arrived to our hotel early and ensured everyone was on time to the church. At the church, my flower girl completely froze and wouldn't walk down the aisle. That's when Diana offered to walk with her. Crisis was averted and no temper tantrum by my niece. She was extremely helpful and her presence was so natural that she felt like a guest. Trust me, I have been to weddings where coordinators are practically barking orders at guests and vendors. Not Diana. She has a leader presence, but one that is tactful and approachable.



Diana took care of all the vendors, and everything behind the scenes. I practically sat back and enjoyed the evening. She would remind me about upcoming events like outfit changes and cake cutting, etc. My family fell in love with her to say the least. I even had a few potential brides-to-be in my family ask me how I met her. She knew what needed to be done and when. My groom and I would have been lost without her help. It was a really long wedding day for everyone and I'm so glad that Diana agreed to coordinate it. She was such a trooper because it was a busy wedding.

If you are still wondering if you should hire a wedding coordinator, make no mistake that it WILL be the most valuable part of your wedding. Having a wedding coordinator will be the difference from a stress-free day or chaos. If your family is anything like mine who don't RSVP, or have guests who bring a plus one, you don't want to have to be bothered with figuring out seating, money, etc. Unexpected things will happen and you want everyone to enjoy the day (family, wedding party). Don’t burden them with additional stress either. Let the professionals handle it. Let someone like Diana handle it! She knows what she is doing. She is passionate about event planning and takes pride in her work. Thank you, Diana! <3

- Stephanie & Ratha

Married 10.28.2017

"The wedding process with her was such a breeze that I wouldn't mind getting married over and over again, but only if she's by my side!"

There are not enough words that can describe the level of service that Diana and her team provide. From the moment we met until the last song was played, Diana was the glue that kept me, my groom, family, wedding party, and vendors calm cool and collected! There was absolutely not a single hiccup that I knew of. Of course, who knows what really happened haha. Our rehearsal, ceremony, and reception were gorgeous! She made my vision a reality and some! She went above and beyond the call of duty. I didn't have to worry about a SINGLE THING! NOTHING! She has an amazing network of vendors and I used several of them!! The wedding process with her was such a breeze that I wouldn't mind getting married over and over again, but only if she's by my side! I loved her so much that the day after my wedding, I was asking random people if they were getting married because they need Diana! If I could give her more stars, I would! You need her on your team!

- Jazmin & Eric

Married 10.15.2017