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Diana Belle - Founder

I’m Diana, the founder of Knots & Belles.


I’ve always had a deep passion for organizing and planning, and I believe that every special event deserves to be stunning. With this philosophy in mind, I founded Knots & Belles in 2017, and have since gained many valuable connections with industry-leading experts and vendors.


I grew up in the heart of Compton and I’ve always had a passion for planning events. I was class president and would always plan all the school affairs. After school, I’d plan even MORE! I played bass guitar in an all-girl band, so I’d find different locations to host our punk rock shows and contact bands from all over California to come out and play (and this was way before Facebook & Instagram - even pre-Myspace!). After that, I went on to become an Aerospace Engineer where I loved my job, but hated the hours! Then comes Holly from PaperHeart Events and my passion was found once again. I forgot how much I loved planning events and meeting new people, but most importantly, I missed helping others and watching their happiness as their visions came to life. 

Shortly after my daughter was born, I knew I couldn’t leave her side, but I had to continue my passion and an opportunity to coordinate my first wedding came by that started it all. Knots & Belles was born (named after the street I live on & my daughter's middle name - in case you were wondering)! And now, here we are! I love people, all genders, I'm a fur mom and a book worm, here to passionately ensure your day is perfect! I’ll work day and night to guarantee that your day will be filled with unforgettable moments.

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